‘Chinese Military Installed Fibre Optic Network In Remote Areas Of Western Himalayas’ Says Latest Pentagon Report

| Updated: November 4, 2021 3:09 pm

According to the latest Pentagon report, the Chinese military installed a fiber optic network in remote areas of the western Himalayan region, during the height of the border standoff with India in 2020, for increased protection from foreign interception.

A new report titled “Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2021”, describes the details of how “acute tensions and clashes along the border with India resulted in significant PLA force buildup and establishment or enforcement of forwarding positions along the Line of Actual Control.”

“At the height of the border standoff between the PRC (peoples republic of China) and India in 2020, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) installed a fibre optic network in remote areas of the western Himalayas to provide faster communications and increased protection from foreign interception,” the report said.

As per the report, PLA field administrators view close continuous ISR (knowledge, observation, and surveillance) and situational information just as redundant and solid correspondences as fundamental to smoothing out decision-making processes and shortening response timelines.

Pentagon report said that the heads of the Chinese Communist Party have entrusted the PLA to foster the ability to extend power outside the nation’s borders and quick fringe to get Beijing’s developing abroad interests and advance its foreign policy goals.

According to the Pentagon report, CCP pioneers trust that China’s worldwide exercises, including the PLA’s developing worldwide presence, are important to establish a global climate helpful for the PRC’s “public revival.”

The report further says that Beijing has utilized a more coercive way to deal with several disputes over maritime features and ownership of potentially rich offshore oil and gas deposits.

The report also highlighted the fact that, Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, border clashes with India, and other significant events in 2020, the Chinese army accelerated its training and fielding of equipment from the already fast pace since recent years. Chinese military units conducted extensive combined arms and joint training throughout 2020.

“Significant training likely prepared the PLAA for any escalation of border tensions with India, as well as preparing to support a Taiwan contingency. The PLAA also strove to increase the realism of its training and the effectiveness of Opposition Force (OPFOR) units,” the report added.

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