Women 's Day With CII And The Boss Ladies Of The City

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CII-Gujarat Celebrates Women’s Day With Boss Ladies Of The City

| Updated: March 8, 2022 12:15

As we talk about women’s empowerment it is important to note that it lies in the growing up years that molds the mindset of an individual.

For some, it might be just inequality in terms of culture but for some, it’s the struggle they are facing to overcome these biases and not get their own say. Someone’s opinions and mindsets matter as much as any other individual’s opinions or mindsets; and the fact that opinions and mindsets do not keep gender as the main concern; needs to be taken into consideration in any culture. These gender biases are on the journey to an end; yes you read it absolutely correct it is about to end, and to add to that CII-Gujarat, British Deputy High Commission and Indian Women Network hosted a panel discussion with boss ladies leading in their respective fields.

Monica Yadav, Peter Cook and Rajeev Mishra

As The British High Commission of Gujarat and Rajasthan, Peter Cook and IWM chairperson Monica Yadav inaugurated the ceremony with the main motive to hold this discussion that is focusing on knowing the stereotypes and creating a holistic approach to build and celebrate the community of young women professionals & experienced working women in Gujarat. The aim is to create a platform where these women can find better resources and mentors to achieve better prospects in their careers. Gujarat lacks mentoring and networking circles for working women which focuses on knowledge /experience pools and mentoring.

Peter Cook believes that women teach men how to be more capable and as he addresses his wife he says that “she reminds me everyday that I’m not doing enough.” A survey was conducted in the year 2019 in which 22 thousand businesses were reviewed and 7 thousand of which were founded by women; which is almost 33% which is way ahead if compared 10 years back which was approximately 17%. He further adds that ” the vibrant summit had many British companies coming and investing in Gujarat, and we lay emphasis on employing more women in these industries, Rolls Royce, a leading company in the automobile industry, is about to set up a plant and are emphasizing on employing women engineers.”

Monica Yadav points out that women go through a lot of issues like unconscious biases; low confidence; access to the industry is way too much lower; safety in the workplace and last but not least yet the most important is motherhood. But, women are the hope for the betterment of any industry or company. In the year 2021,maximum number of women have turned entrepreneurs but only 3% of women were provided with funds.

Women are happily participating in small-scale industries and businesses they run. The fact is actually that the companies and industries that have female board members are more successful than the ones with all-male boards. Women tend to add 11 to 12% extra growth to the companies as they focus on social networking along with positive economic situations. Women are more inclined towards keeping the employees happy and satisfied than burdening them with work for economic betterment.

Vanishree Herlekar, Wricha Johari, Puja Srivastava, and Ruzan Khambatta

The panel consisted of four leading ladies of Ahmedabad. These boss ladies come from different cultural backgrounds, have fought through all the biases, and have become the best in their respective fields. These boss ladies, namely Puja Srivastava, Ruzan Khambatta, Wricha Johari, and Vanishree Herlekar, are experts in their fields. They all had started early in their times and faced many biases in either their workplaces or lives. But, they inspire young minds with their abilities.

Puja Srivastava, Head of Amplifier Division at Space Application Centre, ISRO, says that “At ISRO, more than 30% of the employees are women in the lower areas, and as the position increases, the percentage decreases, but remains at around 28%; in the administrative area, it is around 40%.,” She further adds that ISRO has a very safe workspace for women and they also have a committee, which she is the chairperson of, they ensure safe working environment. She says, ”It is not that we don’t get any cases, we do get many cases related to workplace harassment and even the smallest issues are being taken care of by the committee.”

Ruzan Khambatta, Founder of Wajra O’ Force Empowerment Foundation, when asked about if given a chance to make these biases vanish what would she do it add to the process, gave a very immediate yet the most appropriate answer any female would be looking for, she said,” the power of shaping a human, lies in the growing years, children should be taught about equality since the start, to avoid such circumstances.” Giving an example she says that many times people will get into a way of your success,” neighbors will be the first one to stop you,” she says jokingly. “Teach your son about the field he wants to see his mother and sister working in, ask him to stand for her education.”


Wricha Johari, Founder of World Around You, has quite a different approach to biases. For her negative biases were never an issue it were the positive biases that were an issue. She says that many times she was asked to lead the meetings because she is a woman. If it was for her ability it could’ve been a compliment but being asked to attend a meeting because she is a woman is more of an insulting tone to women like her.

Vanishree Herlekar, Founder of City Collab, is a young individual who firmly believes that apart from education it is nurturing that acts as a driving force for equality in society, there should be equal pay for all the genders as the work done is the same but the pay might vary, even if a woman is leading in the board of members in any industry she might not have the same pay scale, rather a lower pay scale she would have. For Vanishree every day is Women’s day but women are celebrated on this one particular day.

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