Civil Engineer from Gujarat provides Free Education to the Less Privileged

| Updated: June 27, 2022 1:05 pm

A Civil Engineer by profession, Nikunj Trivedi is also a teacher to children whose parents cannot afford to pay tuition fees. Nikunj teaches students from private and government schools who are from the lower strata of the economic forum. His aim is to spread awareness about the importance of education and learning among children. He teaches around 95-100 children from KG to 10th standard.

Not only does he clear the foundation and basic concepts, he also focuses on developing their language skills. For that he makes them write and learn in different languages, that is Hindi, English and Gujarati.

He said that the Public helps them financially and he pays the school fees of 5-6 children. He further added that the students he has taught before are also now helping him teach others.  

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