CM Patel Inaugurates Smart Anupam School In Memnagar Of Ahmedabad

| Updated: June 25, 2022 8:15 pm

During the inauguration of Smart School in Ahmedabad, CM Patel informed that the ‘Kanya Kelavani Mahotsav’ and ‘Shala Praveshotsav’, started by PM Narendra Modi in 2003, led to an increase in the school enrollment rates by 5%. Moreover, the dropout rates have gone down by 4%.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel said that Gujarat government schools have advanced and technological education. According to him, in a reverse trend, parents have started sending their children to government schools more than private ones. He added that in 2022, 300 children in Ahmedabad left private schools and joined government schools.

CM Patel said that the state government wants that ensure that more and more students use technology. The new Smart Anupam school in Memnagar has all the technologies. Learning shall not feel burdensome anymore using the new projects. He referred to Anupam school as a matter of pride for Gujarat. He also expressed that new India shall grow with the help of such schools.

CM Patel informed the gathering that the school enrolled 4.5 Lakhs girls and boys in the last two days during the School Entrance ceremony, amongst which 1.5 lakhs are girls. He exclaimed that for the first time, a Smart school admitted 15 children who begged at the traffic signals. Further, he added that Gujarat is advancing, and education shall play a significant role in its growth.

“Primary education will be the nectar time when we are all celebrating the nectar festival of independence,” he said. CM Patel also planted a tree on the school premises, sat on the bench with students, and watched educational activities in the classroom. Many significant leaders of the BJP and school administration members were also present during the inauguration ceremony.

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