Congress Party Members March Over New Pedestrian Bridge

| Updated: July 19, 2022 7:50 pm

Congress party members of Ahmedabad decided to inaugurate the Riverfront’s new pedestrian bridge. With drumbeats and slogans, they marched over the bridge under the leadership of Shehzad Khan Pathan. According to the Gujarat INC workers, BJP does not have time to inaugurate it.

Shehzad Khan, head of the opposition in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, claimed that BJP leaders had not given a proper inauguration ceremony to the bridge that cost ₹80 crores. 

The latest pedestrian bridge is a transformation that makes Ahmedabad’s Riverfront resemble a hi-fi city of Singapore. However, the construction of the costly bridge worth crores took three months. Currently, the authorities have made it open to the public from the eastern side. 

Specialities Of The Pedestrian Bridge

  • ₹80 crores to build the bridge
  • 2100 metric steel weight
  • Structure of iron pipe
  • Tensile fabric roof
  • 300 m bridge length
  • Spanned between 100 m
  • Also arranged to sit on the bridge
  • RCC pile foundation and steel support
  • Champo, lawn and grass plantation
  • A kite-shaped sculpture will be placed at the end
  • Dynamic LED light that can change colour
  • There will also be a seating arrangement in the middle part with a width of 10 to 14 meters. 
  • RCC flooring, planter and stainless steel and glass railing on the foot overbridge

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