Craze Of Modi bashing? Abbas Naqvi Asks Pritish Nandy On Modi-Pope Hug

| Updated: October 31, 2021 7:24 pm

Union minister of minority affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi asked poet Pritish Nandy whether it is a craze to bash PM Modi or if there is a conspiracy to bash India, as Nandy raised questions over PM Modi’s hug with Pope Francis on Saturday.  Pritish Nandy, a poet and Bollywood personality made a tweet of a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Giving a hug to Pope Francis saying “It’s heartwarming to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi embracing the Pope in the Vatican today. Would love to see him do the same with Muslim and Sikh spiritual leaders. It may help to tame the belligerent bhakts embarrassing India.” This certainly did stir a lot of attention from a lot of people including Abbas Naqvi, Union minister of minority affairs.

Naqvi accused Pritish Nandy of ‘conspiracy’ through his reply to Nandy’s tweet stating. Naqvi wrote “Brother, is this a craze of Modi-bashing? Or, a conspiracy of India-bashing?”. The minister also replied this tweet with posting four past photos of PM Modi with Muslim and Sikh spiritual leaders. In one of the photos, the minister himself is also seen.

भैय्या.. “मोदी बैशिंग की सनक है”.. या “भारत बैशिंग की साजिश”..?https://t.co/LLJLPyWA6Q pic.twitter.com/EM652VCAQJ

— Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (@naqvimukhtar) October 31, 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Pope Francis On Saturday October 30, 2021 and invited him to India, This moment has been termed “historic” as this was the first meeting between an Indian Prime Minister and the Pope in more than two decades. The external affairs ministry said Pope accepted the invitation and said it was a great gift for him. “The Pope has graciously accepted the invitation of PM Modi. And in his own words and I am paraphrasing it, he said you have given me the greatest gift. I am looking forward to visiting India,” said Harsh V Shringla, foreign secretary

The Christian community of Italy has expressed happiness over this meeting and Pope’s plans for a potential visit to India in future. The RSS group too has d the meeting and has said that they believe in the principle of ‘Vasudhava Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family).

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