Dang District: Bus Carrying 50 People Falls Into Gorge; 2 Dead, Many Injured

| Updated: July 10, 2022 1:50 pm

A bus carrying around 50 passengers fell into a gorge in the Dang district of Gujarat yesterday, leaving at least 2 dead. All other passengers were safely rescued, but many suffered mild to serious injuries. The accident occurred last night in the region that has been hit by heavy rains.

The passengers on the bus were women, who were of Surat Garba Classes. These women were on a picnic at Saputara Hill Station on Saturday, but the bus crashed in the Malegaon valley due to brake failure.

“A bus carrying about 50 women passengers fell into the gorge. All were rescued safely with the help of locals but two women died on the spot. Due to brake failure on Malegaon Expressway, the driver of the bus lost control of the steering and as a result, the bus fell into the valley, ”said SG Patil, Deputy SP of Dang.

According to officials, 21 injured women were taken to nearby Shamgahan PHC, 15 others were taken to a district hospital in Ahwa, and eight severely injured women were referred to Surat.

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