Did BTS Members Finally Get Friendship Tattoos?

| Updated: June 10, 2022 6:00 pm

Post the release of its new album ‘Proof’, leader of the music group BTS Kim Namjoon took to Instagram and shared some interesting the news that has left the fans wanting more. Today, Namjoon, whose stage name is RM, posted a few Instagram stories and a screenshot of the song with the caption ‘We been here so far’. In the next story, he gave his fans a surprise as he shared a picture of his ankle which now has a tattoo, that reads ‘7’.  

Following this, the ARMY took to Twitter to share pictures of the tattoo, that appears to be RM’s tribute to his seven-member band. 7 was also the name of the band’s 2020 album. As they had previously discussed multiple times, fans believe that other members of the K-pop band must have had identical tattoos.

“We’ve been talking about friendship tattoos forever,” Kim Taehyung had said on Weverse. “We’ll do it eventually. Please be on the lookout for it.” In a recent V Live, RM also mentioned it, indicating that they had talked about getting a friendship tattoo. “Let’s tattoo seven dots or do seven of something,” he’d offered. “Alternatively, you could simply tattoo the number seven. However, if we’re going to do it, I’d like to do it on the ankle. It’s not that difficult.” RM decided to go with his last thought and get the number seven tattooed on his ankle.

ARMY flooded Twitter with comments about the tattoo. One wrote, “OMG they got the 7 tattoos,” while another commented, “They finally did it.” A third one wrote, “OMGGG the friendship tattoo. I am screaming, crying.” Another said, “They freaking did it they got the tattooooooo.”

BTS will be celebrating the ninth anniversary of their debut shortly. On June 13, they will deliver a live performance of their album Proof, with a special guest.

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