Do Education Systems Back Professions Like Engineers, Doctors More?

| Updated: January 23, 2023 7:52 pm

Have you ever heard of these professions like ornithologist, oceanographer , fire investigator and many more. I am quite sure that very few of you have heard about this. Why are we all stuck to these professions like Engineer, Doctor , Lawyer etc when there are more than them in the entire world ?

There can be many reasons such as parental pressure ie the parents are compelling the child to follow the profession of their choice or peer pressure ie, heard mentality meaning when each and every person around you is aiming for the same profession and you are also joining the same train as others . The above two can or cannot be many peoples causes for choosing restricted professions but what is the major reason behind this?

Well, if we take a deep dive into this ocean, the first thing to notice is our education system. Just see that after 10th , the student has to select amongst these three streams for the next two years (Science PCB,PCM , Commerce and Arts) .Why are we restricting our students to only these options when there are many more around us ?

‘Passion is something that is never static but it keeps on evolving’. The above words are very true as there is some fire in all of us that mainly ignites in us when we try to pursue something which we love the most. We try our hardest to achieve it by either hook or by crook but at one point or the other , we fail to achieve them.

We can develop ourselves in a lot of ways like using our time to do research and study about certain unheard professions as ‘Time is the only priceless thing in the world’. Believe me , it helps you a lot as I myself have learnt a lot during this lockdown phase with the internet. Even the government has taken many steps like introduction of vocational education and implementation of NEP 2020 which will revamp the whole education system and change the mindsets of many people and students .

With the help of this educational policy, the government mainly aims to restructure the whole education system i.e. instead of the normal 10+2, it will be a 5+3+3+4. With this, introduction of many vocational subjects will also take place and best of all, bookish knowledge would be replaced by a more practical learning technique which will improve the minds of many children regarding many career options and develop our nation to the fullest.

Name:-Savit Kumar


School:- D.A.V International School, Ahmedabad

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