Dogs Finding Shelter Despite Medical Condition

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Dogs Finding Shelter Despite Medical Condition

| Updated: January 29, 2024 20:35

In an era where pet adoption is heavily influenced by social media, senior dogs—typically 6.5-7 years old and older—have fewer opportunities to find homes. Even more so if they are saved and have chronic medical conditions. However, a few of these dogs who were rescued from the state due to cruelty and aging, are now enjoying their retirement to the fullest and receiving excellent care, all thanks to a few kind hearts.

Experts, according to a report by The Times of India, claim that although the number of people looking to adopt dogs is rising, there is a noticeable lack of awareness and inclination regarding adopting senior dogs because they are frequently viewed as liabilities.

However, some NGOs and associations have taken up the cause of dogs’ welfare, regardless of their medical condition.

“Our mission is to encourage people who have the means and resources to consider adopting old dogs because they’re as loving companions as younger ones. The ones we rescued came in deplorable and horrific conditions with maggot wounds, discarded and mistreated by breeders and previous owners, with chronic health conditions. But after rehabilitating them with the right medical care and compassion, they’re as loving and playful pets as any others so why not adopt them. None of us come with expiry dates so why should we treat dogs that way,” said Richa Singh, founder, Bowsome Senior Dogs India Foundation (BSDIF), told TOI.

The organisation has helped in the process of the adoption of dogs as old as eight and 14 years.

The TOI report cites the example of Meemaw, a Dalmatian, who was pregnant and had a heart condition. She was found tied outside an ice cream parlour and later taken to the BSDIF team. “When we found her, she barely had nine or 10 teeth, and one finger in her hind limb was missing. Meemaw was pregnant but given her age (then 13), it was a health risk for her health and that’s why we had to terminate her pregnancy. The idea was to save her life, get her in the best of shape and then rehome her where she can spend her life in love and care, just like a young pup would,” Charvi Salil, core committee member, BSDIF, told the paper.

Meemaw was taken care of till she was adopted. 

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