Dr Patel Gets Into The ‘Heart’ Of Sen’s Matter

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Dr Patel Gets Into The ‘Heart’ Of Sen’s Matter

| Updated: March 15, 2023 20:41

Actress Sushmita Sen made a startling admission on Instagram last week that she suffered a heart attack, had undergone an angioplasty and received a stent. Sen joins the list of celebrities who experienced serious medical problems like heart attacks and cardiac arrest. Actor Sidharth Shukla, comedian Raju Srivastava and singer KK all succumbed to heart failure. The alarming instances of heart attacks among people in their 40s and 50s have raised the pertinent question about cardiac health awareness or the lack of it.

Despite being a fitness enthusiast, Shukla died in his early 40s owing to a heart attack. Srivastava collapsed on a treadmill although it’s held that he had a medical condition. KK experienced a cardiac arrest while performing at a concert in Kolkata.

Actor Sushmita Sen

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Health experts are now examining the possible causes of heart attacks among young adults.

In India, the number of heart attacks and cardiac arrests in young people is on the rise, with 25% of all cases occurring to those under the age of 40 and affecting everyone from 20 to 30 years old.  According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 19,744 people between the age group 30 to 60 died on account of heart attacks in 2021, a 70% surge.

Apex Heart Institute, Ahmedabad

Dr Aman Patel, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Apex Heart Institute, told the Vibes of India, “A heart attack begins when a coronary artery with a plaque inside ruptures, thereby affecting the blood supply to the heart. Nearly 15-25% of patients die before reaching the hospital, depending on the severity of the attack. The main causes are an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, ignorance, and inertia on the side of the patient or family, which delays receiving evidence-based care by disregarding early signs.”

Dr Aman Patel, Consultant Cadiologist

He recalled the non-digital era in which people would walk, run and engage in physical activities. “This generation has the benefit of using mobile phones to deliver messages which has made them ‘sedentary’. The youngsters are not into physical activity,” he said.

He believes there’s an emotional quotient in heart attack cases. He elaborates, “Type A and Type D personalities are at a higher risk of suffering major cardiac incidents. Type As are perfectionists who want everything to be just, but they also struggle to reveal emotions, both positive and negative. Type Ds are the distressed lot. People with this personality type are often worried, sad, and low on confidence.”

In addition, heredity and low birth weight can also play a significant role in heart problems among Indians. Asked about the possible preventive methods to prevent heart disease, he emphasised the reduction of sugar and sweet beverages. “Focus on physical fitness, mental fitness and sleep at least for 7.5 hours. Intake of fruits, vegetables and other nutrients food items are beneficial for your body and heart,” he concluded. Watch the full video here:

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