Dua Lipa: A Star Unrecognized in Rajasthan

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Dua Lipa: A Star Unrecognized in Rajasthan

| Updated: December 29, 2023 18:11

Dua Lipa: A Star Unrecognized in Rajasthan

Dua Lipa, the acclaimed singer-songwriter known for chart-topping hits like ‘One Kiss’, ‘Dance The Night’, and ‘Levitating’, is currently vacationing in India, specifically in the vibrant state of Rajasthan. Despite her global fame, she was able to enjoy a casual stroll through the bustling streets, blending in with the crowd as locals remained oblivious to her celebrity status.

The pop star has been spotted exploring various parts of Rajasthan, with pictures and videos of her travels making rounds on the internet. In one such viral video, Dua Lipa, dressed in blue jeans and a black t-shirt, can be seen navigating what appears to be a local market. The exact location, however, remains undisclosed.

Rajasthan, a popular tourist destination, sees a significant influx of international visitors. This might explain why the locals, accustomed to seeing foreigners, failed to recognize the Grammy-winning artist. Dua Lipa’s presence in the crowd went largely unnoticed, allowing her to experience the locale just like any other tourist.

The internet, however, had a field day with the viral video. Netizens took to social media to share their reactions. One user commented, “Foreigners roaming around is too common in Udaipur, so no big deal and obviously the locals won’t be aware of Dua Lipa.” Another humorously noted the high frequency of foreign tourists in Rajasthan, implying that one more wouldn’t make a difference.

A third user pointed out, “Helloooo U got to listen to Dua Lipa to even be able to recognise her … dude take a chill pill … I think Dua is enjoying her freedom roaming about free as a bird … so let’s chill.”

Indeed, it seems that Dua Lipa is relishing her incognito status, enjoying the freedom to explore and experience the rich culture of Rajasthan unhindered. Her holiday in India serves as a reminder that sometimes, even global superstars appreciate the simple joy of blending into the crowd.

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