Earth’s Souvenir In Space: Fingertips On A Canvas

| Updated: July 6, 2022 12:56 pm

Scientists have decided to send a unique fingerprint painting in the Euclid spacecraft which is set for launch in 2023. This European Space Agency mission, which is aimed at exploring the evolution of the universe by the help of 3D mapping, will have the painting as a representation of human civilisation.

The artist – Lisa Pettibone – said that the painting will add a “bit of humanity” in the Euclid project and added that the entire picture was done by the scientists by dipping their fingers in the paint.

The painting will be depicting the Milky Way Galaxy and it was created by visual artist Lisa Pettibone along with 250 scientists and Euclid instrument scientist Tom Kitching. When asked about the motive of the painting, Kitching said: “After Euclid’s lifetime, it will just be floating in space. What if future beings found Euclid? How would they know anything about the humanity of the people?”

“Although Euclid has always been beautiful in concept and materials, it didn’t really say anything about the people involved and humanity as a whole. We asked ourselves whether we could do something artistic that would speak to people,” Lisa said on the European Space Agency website.

“We wanted something authentic, not perfect, and not shaped too much. The result is a piece of art with a wonderful energy to it that captures all the energy of the people involved,” Lisa added. The picture will be fixed to Euclid after it was engraved onto a plaque by the use of lasers. It will also feature a short poem by poet Simon Barraclough in a typewriter font, ESA claimed.

Mission Euclid will also have its own telescope

Among other aspects, Mission Euclid 2023 will explore:

How did the Universe originate? What were the conditions just after the Big Bang, and how did these give rise to the large-scale structures we see today? Why is the Universe expanding at an accelerating rate today?

Is Dark Energy – a term often used to signify the mysterious force behind this cosmic acceleration – real? If so, is it a constant energy density intrinsic to and spread throughout space, or a new force of nature that slowly evolves as the Universe expands?

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