Emaar Emerges Highest Recruiter For Cluster 2 IIM-A Campus Placements

| Updated: February 19, 2023 6:49 pm

Campus placements are as much a defining moment for aspiring white collar job seekers as much a matter of prestige for brand names. Who pays the highest and who recruits the most are among competitive yardsticks for firms that come looking for young recruits. 

The IIM-A final placements (Cluster 2) for PGP 2022, held on February 17, has seen an overwhelming number of offers made by the Emaar Group.

Conglomerates, consumer goods & durables, consumer services, pharma & healthcare and retail B2B & B2C made up the majority of the second cluster. Among big names that frequently set up shop on campus are Asian Paints, Coca-Cola, Loreal, Kimberly Clark and Wipro Consumer Care.

Equally dominant by presence and sought after by graduates are recruiters such as Adani Group, Aditya Birla Group, CK Birla Group, Tata Administrative Services, Piramal Group, Bajaj Finserv and JSW One Platforms. Notably, EMAAR distributed three international offers to this cohort.

Airtel, BLS International Services, Alkem Laboratories, Samsung Electronics and Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries were just a few of the companies that made up the other cohorts. During Cluster 2, a range of roles was available in different regions.

The majority of proposals were made by conglomerate companies, which were closely followed by companies in the cohort of consumer durables and goods. Recruitment for the third cluster will take place on February 20. 

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