Enraged About Garba Noise, Man Bites Society Resident

| Updated: October 1, 2022 3:13 pm

Grooving to upbeat music and folk beats, the Garba dance during Navratri makes us enjoy the festival without inhibitions. However, the odd unsavoury episode during Garba serves as a killjoy.

In a bizarre incident on Thursday, a man bit the finger of another person at the Bhagirath Intercity society in Nava Naroda where Garba, which celebrates the feminine form of divinity, was being held.

Narendrasingh Anaarsinh, a resident of the society, has reportedly filed a complaint of assault against Rinku Sikarwar, who also stays there.

According to the FIR, the accused stomped off to the society’s parking area at 11:45 pm, ordering people to stop the dance. Apparently, Anaarsinh attempted to calm him down but an incensed Sikarwar threatened to kill him.

Sikarwar then allegedly bit Anaarsinh on his right-hand finger. Even as the people around rescued Anaarsinh and dialled the police, Sikarwar fitfully banged his head against a pillar.

He was rescued by other residents and the police were called. Later, Sikarwar himself called an ambulance and went to a hospital.

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