Fake SM Profile Case: Cyber Cell Unit Arrests RMO of UN Mehta Hospital

|Ahmedabad | Updated: May 26, 2022 8:39 pm

Ahmedabad: The Cyber cell unit of Gujarat Police on Thursday arrested the RMO of UN Mehta Hospital Dr. Kaushik Barot for allegedly creating a fake account of Dr. RK Patel on Social Media.

Dr. RK Patel had lodged an FIR in the case as a fake social media profile of him had surfaced. A preliminary investigation by the Cyber cell revealed that the RMO of the UN Mehta Dr. Kaushik Barot allegedly created fake profiles.

False objectionable messages were being circulated on Facebook to defame the city’s prestigious UN Mehta Institute Cardiologist and Research Center. An employee had lodged a complaint in this regard. The investigation revealed the RMO of UN Mehta Hospital as an accused in the cybercrime investigation, who used to make the message viral by creating a false ID and changing the voice. Cybercrime arrested the RMO in this respect.

According to the information received, a youth was living in the Thaltej area of ​​the city and used to work at UN Mehta Hospital. For the last seven-eight months, a stranger was spreading rumors about UN Mehta Hospital on Facebook.

Therefore, in January 2022, information about an account named Patel was shown to the Cybercrime cell. With this ID, the suspect was spreading false rumors about the renowned doctors of Cardiologists and the Research Center of UN Mehta Institute. The investigation started after a complaint was registered with cybercrime. DCP Cyber ​​Crime Amit Vasava said that he had sought details from Facebook, which on a technical study revealed that the accused is using another SIM card, downloading voice changing applications, and using the girl’s voice.

During the investigation, the police came to know that Kaushik Barot, the actual mind behind the scene, was on duty in the department of RMO and Clinic Cardiologist in UN Mehta. Cybercrime arrested him. Since 2004 Barot had been working at UN Mehta Hospital. It was found that he took this step because he was being harassed in various ways by the hospital system.

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