Fatal Consequences of Phone Addiction: 20-Year-Old Dies By Suicide in Surat

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Fatal Consequences of Phone Addiction: 20-Year-Old Dies By Suicide in Surat

| Updated: March 11, 2024 17:36

A 20-year-old girl from Surat, identified as Vishakha Rana, tragically ended her life due to an alleged addiction to her mobile phone.

Vishakha, the daughter of Narendrabhai Rana, resided in Madhav Apartment in Gopipura, Surat. She was found dead in her home, having taken the drastic step of ending her own life. Vishakha had been suffering from various health issues, including a persistent toothache, which led her to spend an increasing amount of time on her mobile phone, watching videos to distract herself from the pain.

Over time, Vishakha’s mobile usage escalated into an addiction, causing noticeable changes in her speech and behavior. She began to exhibit signs of mental disturbance, often seen engrossed in her mobile phone and Google.

Alarmingly, Vishakha started to personify Google, treating it as a sentient being and claiming to follow its instructions. She repeatedly told her family that Google was refusing her food and telling her to ‘die’. These delusions are indicative of psychosis, a severe mental disorder.

Furthermore, Vishakha attempted facial exercises using Google on her mobile, resulting in a twisted face. Despite immediate medical attention and psychiatric treatment over a month, her condition did not improve. During her treatment, her mobile phone was taken away, which seemed to exacerbate her distress.

Unable to cope with her addiction and the absence of her mobile phone, Vishakha tragically chose to end her life. 

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