Father-Daughter Killed In JCB-Wall Collision In Ahmedabad

| Updated: May 21, 2022 9:50 pm

A father and daughter duo were killed in a tragic and painful accident that happened in Ahmedabad’s Khokhra area on Saturday, May 21. As a JCB collided with a wall, it collapsed over three people. The three people killed in the accident were residents of the same locality, including a young father and a toddler daughter.

According to the sources, the shocking accident occurred in Salatnagar Basti near the Anupam Overbridge that connects the Khokhra-Kankaria. Camera footages show the gruesome incident in which the JCB collided with the residential area wall and fell over the three residents standing on the other side. The local people and authorities later recovered the bodies from the wall debris.

Afterward, the sight of the dead bodies aggravated the local people. They also pelted stones at the JCB in anger. However, the JCB driver fled from the location after the accident. Further, the officials and residents took the other injured people to the nearby hospital for medical assistance. The family of the father and daughter was seen in extreme anguish and sorrow.

However, it is not the first time JCB accidents that led to casualties have come up in Ahmedabad. A few days ago, a similar case happened in the Raipur area of Ahmedabad. In the incident, two people were filling the air in a JCB machine tire.

However, the tire exploded and killed the two. The officials have started a further probing into the former matter.

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