Father Beats 3 Year Old Into a Coma

| Updated: August 8, 2022 1:16 pm

A three-year old is in a coma at a hospital. She was ruthlessly flogged by her own father, shared the police on Monday. After the mother, Sana Fatima filed the complaint, the girl’s father Basith Khan was charged with attempted murder by the Saifabad police.
The incident took place on Saturday evening in the family’s home. The father was apparently annoyed with his daughter for staying too long in the washroom and playing around with water. When she refused to stop playing, the father went inside vehemently with anger and started thrashing her, revealed the police.

Hearing her daughter’s cries for help, Fathima, mother, came, hurriedly wanting to help. Basith pushed her away and dropped his daughter on the floor in anger. Fathima somehow managed to take the child away. She saw that froth was coming out of her mouth. She was then taken to a nearby clinic and admitted to the Osmania General Hospital. Basith has been taken into custody. The SHO of Safiabad police station said that the man was disturbed because of the family’s economic condition and was generally frustrated at home.
Basith, an auto-rickshaw driver, is the father of four daughters, of which Sakina is the third one. The family resides in Hyderabad.

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