4 People Arrested For Blackmailing A Gay Man In Gujarat

| Updated: June 28, 2022 3:16 pm

A 21 year old had downloaded a gay chatting app on his phone a few days ago and what further came was pure harassment and torture. A person on the app asked him to meet at KKV Chowk on Sunday noon. He agreed to meet and when they met, the person took him into a room with three people already waiting there. All the four people removed his clothes, took away his mobile, cash and bike keys. The four accused are named as Afrid Qadri, Aman Qadri, Sohal Qadri and Bhargav Dabhi. 

The victim was then tortured and harassed while his video was being taken. In the video he was forced to confess that he was gay, and that he kept relationship with young boys and also promise that he would never participate in such acts again. The accused had also called his family seeking Rs 50,000 but the family did not have that much money. So, they called again to ask for a lower amount of Rs 20,000.

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