Gaekwad Schools In Vadodara Celebrated Rath Yatra

| Updated: July 1, 2022 8:57 pm

Like their every year tradition, Prince Ashokraje Gaekwad School and Devyaniraje Gaekwad School in Dhairya Prasad Palace celebrated the Jagannath Rathyatra inside the premises of the institute. Around 1200 students with their teachers pulled the chariot and chanted ‘Hari Bol’ and ‘Jai Jagannath.’

During the occasion, the school placed idols of Lord Jagannath, his sister Subhadra, and Balbhadra. After travelling a distance, they brought the chariot to the temple. Ahead of the rituals, the students took the chariot to the school’s main building campus. It is noteworthy that the temple inside the institute premises is a replica of the Jagannath temple in Puri.

On July 1, the school organised the procession with a slam-bang, and the students and teachers pulled the chariot enthusiastically. In addition, the students recited devotional songs and folk dances during the celebrations. After the final ceremony, the authorities distributed prasad to all.

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