Gandhinagar: AFWWA Inaugurates Kutch Kala Kendra Exhibition                

|gandhinagar | Updated: June 17, 2022 5:11 pm

Dr Arathi Singh, President, Air Force Wives Welfare Association (Regional) (AAFWWA (R) inaugurated the Kutch Kala Kunj exhibition today at SWAC Campus, Gandhinagar. Organised by the AFWWA (R) South Western Air Command (SWAC), this three-day-long handicraft exhibition will go on from June 17 till June 19. 

Handicraft forms which will be showcased comprise of Ajrakh, Bandhni, Batik, Rogan Art, Copper Bell, Kutchi Embroidery, Lacquer Work, Reha Knives, Pottery and many more.

The exhibition will feature interesting live demonstrations of the intricate processes involved in the making of these traditional handicraft products.

Kutch Kala Kendra is stated to be a one of a kind event, in terms of bringing rarely explored rural and vintage handicrafts from the Kutch region. This further highlights the symbols of India’s rich culture and heritage to military personnel and their families. Additionally, it  also aims to showcase and promote the artistic ability and flair of artisans in Kutch

On 19 June, the concluding day of the event, the artisans will be formally honored. 

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