Gift City Considers 17 Potential Rules For Alcohol Exemptions

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Gift City Considers 17 Potential Rules For Alcohol Exemptions

| Updated: December 26, 2023 17:22

Gift City Considers 17 Potential Rules For Alcohol Exemptions

The Gujarat government’s decision to allow alcohol consumption in Gandhinagar Gift City has left many citizens with questions about who can drink, where it’s permitted, and the rules surrounding this new policy. we have compiled a comprehensive list of potential regulations addressing these concerns, providing some clarity for those interested in accessing and enjoying alcohol within the designated zone.

Gift City-Gandhinagar-F.A.Q

1) What is an FL-3 license? Who can get it?
License for Serving Liquor to Hotels/Clubs/Restaurants working or wishing to serve liquor to official visitors in Gift City The Hotel/Club/Restaurant having catering facility located/coming to Gift City Gandhinagar can get a license.

2) What is the procedure to get FL3 license?
Which under the hotel/club/restaurant rules will be eligible for license after applying before the Director, Narcotics Control along with the necessary documentary evidence and submitting it to the committee decided by the Government.

3) Can existing health permit, visitor permit, tourist permit holders consume liquor at Gift City?
No, only employees officially working at Gift City as well as visitors visiting oficially.

4) Who will sanction Leaker Access Permit to employees working in Gift city?
This permit will be issued by the authorized officer through giftna.

5) Who will grant temporary permits to authorized visitors to Giftcity?
of GiftCity which will be given on the basis of recommendation made by the HR Head / Responsible Officer of that company. Also the visitors will be accompanied by an employee with leaker access permit of the concerned company.

6) What are the conditions to be followed by FL3 license holder?

The license holder shall maintain purchase and sale accounts of the prescribed quantity of liquor purchased and the entire area shall be kept under CCTV surveillance.

7) Can liquor be consumed anywhere other than Gift City area?
Liquor can be consumed only in authorized areas under FL-3 license

8) F.L. 3 What if a license holder, leaker access permit and temporary permit holder breaks the law?
If the license holder, Liquor Access Permit and Temporary Permit holder violates the law, rules or instructions, then action will be taken to take punitive action under the Gujarat Narcotics Control Act-1949 and other existing laws.

9) What other approvals should the licensee obtain?
The licensee shall obtain food safety license, food safety license and other necessary licenses from the competent authority for catering in his hotel/club/restaurant.

10) FL3 license holder can sell liquor to other permit holders of the state?

11) Whether liquor can be served at any place other than the place of license?
Liquor cannot be served at any place other than the place where the license has been granted.

12) Who can enter FL-3 licensed premises?
Liquor Access Permit and Temporary Permit holders only after proper verification can enter.

13) Can a person who consumes foreign liquor drive a vehicle after consumption?

A person who consumes foreign liquor cannot drive a vehicle after consuming it

14) What is the age limit provision for consuming liquor?
Liquor Access Permit and Temporary Permit will be given to persons above 21 years of age.

15) Which law has to be followed by the permittee?
Holders of Liquor Access Permit, Temporary Permit and FL-3 license have to comply with all existing laws and regulations of Central and State Governments.

16) What is the current provision regarding visitor and tourist permit in the state?
A Visitor and Tourist Permit is being issued to that person for his/her personal use on submission of prescribed grounds as per the provisions of the rules to a citizen of another state or a foreigner, for which the online e-permit portal is operational.

17) What care should be taken by the leaker access permit and temporary permit holder?
Liquor Access Permit and Temporary Permit holders will not be able to drive after consuming liquor. Also, the documents regarding the permit have to be kept with them and submitted to the competent authority on demand.

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