Google Faces Government Scrutiny Over "Problematic" AI Responses About PM Modi

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Google Faces Government Scrutiny Over “Problematic” AI Responses About PM Modi

| Updated: February 23, 2024 17:11

Google Faces Government Scrutiny Over "Problematic" AI Responses About PM Modi

The issue arose when a user asked Gemini if PM Modi is a ‘fascist’. Gemini responded by stating that Modi has been accused of implementing policies characterized as fascist by some experts, citing factors like the BJP’s ideology and actions against dissent. However, when asked the same question about former US President Donald Trump, Gemini offered a neutral response, directing the user to search for information themselves.

Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar considers this a direct violation of IT rules and the Criminal Code, citing a lack of due diligence required for intermediaries like Google to enjoy immunity from third-party content.

This incident marks the second time Google’s AI system has presented “biased” answers, according to an IT Ministry official. A show-cause notice will be issued, demanding an explanation for these responses. Failure to provide a satisfactory explanation could lead to prosecution.

When contacted by the newspaper about the PM Modi question, Gemini provided a more nuanced response. It acknowledged accusations of fascism but stated the lack of consensus on their accuracy. Similarly, it mentioned criticisms of Modi’s association with the BJP and his past actions, but also countered with arguments for his economic reforms and social programs.

However, the response regarding Trump remained similar to the initial screenshot. This inconsistency raises further concerns about potential biases.

This incident highlights the growing debate surrounding safe harbor protections for generative AI platforms. Lawmakers are increasingly concerned about the potential for such technology to spread misinformation and bias, prompting discussions about regulations and accountability.

Google previously defended similar incidents by stating that Bard/Gemini is an experiment and its responses do not reflect the company’s views. However, the current situation suggests the government may take a stricter stance towards potential violations of IT rules and potential societal impacts of AI platforms.

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