Google Voice Can Switch Between Cellular Data And Wi-Fi

| Updated: December 19, 2022 4:46 pm

Now, a cellular data connection is required for Google Voice to automatically convert to Wi-Fi access. Better call quality will result from using this specific network type, the tech giant revealed on Friday.

The internet giant Google has added a new “clever network switching” function to its phone service Google Voice with the purpose of enhancing the calling experience. This feature will automatically switch ongoing talks between cellular data service and Wi-Fi.

Prior to this update, Voice also only selected the best network when the call was placed and did not adjust for possible changes in network performance during the call. All users can now use functionality, without being admin-controlled.

The internet giant launched a feature in December, last year that let users alter how its Voice service managed incoming calls. Users can set up the program to direct calls from specific contacts or groups of contacts to an associated phone number or their voicemail box.

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