Groundbreaking Gujarati Film “Lakiro” Is Looking Full Of Romance

| Updated: January 6, 2023 3:54 pm

“Lakiro”, centres on a married couple’s journey. This movie takes viewers on an emotional, romantic, and relationship roller coaster. This film had its premiere yesterday and it is in the cinemas near you. 

When Vibes of India had asked about their journey regarding the making of the film, they said ” The journey and establishment of Lakiro are all about Destiny and everything we did or thought about for the movie somehow worked out. So here’s hoping everyone enjoys this special musical journey.”

 The title track of the movie “Lakiro” which has hit more than 20 million views, it has been sung by Amit Trivedi and music is composed by Parth BHarat Thakkar and Lyrics is given by Chirag Tripathi and Tushar Shukla. Parth had added the flavour of Jazz with Indian Beats, it is for the first time where jazz has been used in such an extensive way. 

Richa and Hrishi, both millennials, meet in Pune while studying. Richa is pursuing a Ph.D. in human resource management, while Hrishi is pursuing an MBA in finance. It was love at first sight for both of them, which culminated in marriage as soon as they finished their studies. Hrishi was an ambitious young man who landed a job as an investment banker.

Meanwhile,  Richa suffers from loneliness and depression as a result of his ambition. Richa feels compelled to get a job, advance her career, and work as an HR consultant for a startup. Hrishi is dissatisfied because he believes she should stay at home and wants a child. Their careers, like those of most working couples today, gradually create a disharmony and major split.  

Things deteriorate to the point where they decide to divorce. Their divorce occurs on Richa’s birthday, and circumstances force Hrishi to attend Richa’s birthday party that night. The human heart is strange, and destiny is never in our hands. Something unusual happens at the party between Hrishi and Richa.

The film is written and directed by Dr. Darshan Ashwin Trivedi. Starring Raunaq Kamdar, Deeksha Joshi, Netri Trivedi, Shivani Joshi, Vishal Shah & Dharmesh Vyas in the lead roles.  Meanwhile, The film has been filmed in Ahmedabad, with other locations including Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai.

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