Guj Superintendent Conducts Surprise Checks

| Updated: February 11, 2023 12:19 pm

The state’s superintendent of stamps has started conducting surprise checks at the offices of sub-registrars across the state to ensure proper implementation of the new jantri rates. 

The superintendent of stamps ordered random checks on sub-registrars’ offices across the state including 14 offices located in Ahmedabad district.

“This is to check whether the implementation of the new jantri rates is being done properly and also to ensure that no transgressions are committed,” an official in the revenue department said.

According to sources, as the government had announced the new jantri rates on February 4 and these came to effect on February 6, it created some confusion. The new jantri rates are double the old rates.

According to the registration laws, the stamp papers procured a day after the execution date of the sales deed will be considered valid. However, as February 5 was a Sunday, the stamp papers for sale deeds executed on or before February 5 were procured on February 6, Monday. Due to this, there were chances of malpractices in recording the date of sale deed registration and calculation of stamp duty.

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