Gujarat: After 20 Long Years Trader Gets His Insurance For 2002 Riots Loss

| Updated: February 16, 2022 10:27 pm

After 20 long years of losing his livelihood to rioters who burned his small shop, Vadodara man Haji Shamshuddin Marchawala got justice as the Vadodara court ordered the Insurance company to pay him his claims. 

He suffered a loss of Rs.9-9.5 lakh after his shop ‘Alvi Trading Company’ was burned down by rioters. As the insurance company was adamant about not paying claims by him, the spice trader Haji Shamshuddin Marchawala took the insurance company to court. 

The Vadodara court has ordered National Insurance Company Ltd to pay him Rs 7.62 lakh with simple interest at the rate of 6 percent to the spice trader from October 16, 2002. Haji Shamshuddin Marchawala had taken fire and special perils short policy for three months in February 2002. 

Haji Shamshuddin Marachawala had filed a complaint at Panigate Police Station. According to his complaint, his large stock of red chilies was reduced to ashes as rioters first looted some of it and later burned the store to ashes. He in his complaint had asked for a compensation of Rs 9 lakh. 

As the insurance company rejected his claims saying that the stock did not belong to him. Marchawala produced all the necessary documents to confirm he had made the payment. After looking at all the documents, the court observed that Marchawala had paid all the suppliers in full. Advocate N N Patel represented Marchawala in the court. 

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