Gujarat Bootleggers Smuggle Liquor In Pushpa Style

| Updated: November 13, 2022 8:58 pm

Gujarat bootleggers get inspired from the popular Telugu  Pushpa film to smuggle liquor in the State. Recently, bootleggers brought liquor filled in Amul Tankers. Ahmedabad city Zone-5 DCP Baldev Desai seized 218 cartons of liquor filled in milk cartons. Police also seized goods of a total Rs 20.50 lakh. The case is still investigated by Ramol Police Station. 

As elections have been declared in the State and the borders of the State have been sealed–the bootleggers looked for a different resort to smuggle liquor. When police got a tip-off about the liquor they began keeping a watch in the Ramol area of the city. Police seized 218 boxes of foreign liquor from this operation. Smugglers used to hide liquor in the storeroom and keep cartons of milk in front to avoid suspicion. Mukesh alias Dolu Bholuji is the prime accused in this matter. He is an infamous bootlegger of Ramol area. 

 Allu Arjun-starrer Pushpa’s dialogues and songs have been the talk of the town. All movie stars, cricketers, social media influencers, and fans are posting videos with Pushpa’s dialogues or songs. In the movie Pushpa, actor Allu Arjun is seen smuggling red sandalwood by loading wood in the truck first, followed by milk. 

Earlier, the popular Telugu film Pushpa served as the inspiration for the smuggling ring which Bengaluru’s Begur police busted. They had recovered 175 kilograms of drugs worth Rs 1 crore and detained up to seven people in connection with the case.

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