Gujarat CM Launches Cyber Safe Mission In Ahmedabad

| Updated: October 26, 2021 7:48 am

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel on Monday inaugurated an Ahmedabad City Police initiative – the ‘Cyber Safe Mission’. He also unveiled a book – ‘Cyber Safe Girl’ based on the safety of women in cyberspace, written by cyber safety expert, Dr. Anant Prabhu. In addition to this, he launched a website called ‘Cyber Jagruti’ developed for the city’s Cyber Crime Cell.

The mission is aimed at creating awareness against the ever-changing world of cyber crimes and ways to prevent online attacks and financial frauds.

“The Gujarat police have been using the latest technology and equipment to prevent the instances of cybercrimes as and when they happen. The proactive approach of monitoring has saved several people from falling into the traps of various kinds of cybercrimes. Today is the age of mobiles and the internet and with an increase in their use, a huge amount of people has also been falling victims to evil elements who commit fraud. A public awareness campaign is necessary to prevent cybercrimes and initiatives such as ‘Cyber Safe Mission’ could be a way for the same. Awareness of more people leads to better chances of their online safety,” said Chief Minister at the event.

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