Gujarat: Hospital In Vav Treats Two Patients On One Bed

| Updated: September 7, 2022 7:43 pm

As the cases of viral fever increase in the Vav region of Banaskantha, many hospitals are jam-packed with patients. There are hardly any beds left. In the last six days, more than 1500 people have booked OPDs in Vav Referral Hospital. Due to the shortage of beds, many patients carried the bottles in their hands.

Moreover, the scarcity of beds is such that there are two patients per bed. The hospital outdid itself when it gave one bed to two patients. Speculations say that the reason behind the spread of viral fever is rainwater that has flooded the streets of Vav. Further, mosquito-borne diseases, colds, coughs, and stomach infections are haunting the area.

The people of Vav have requested the authorities for more beds as the disease hits the town every year. However, the Vav Referral Hospital only has 30 beds.

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