Gujarat: Luxury Car Sale Hits Record High Post Corona Lockdown

| Updated: August 25, 2022 9:35 am

Despite the losses to business and trade during the initial year of Corona-induced uncertainties, Gujarat witnessed a massive high post lockdown when it came to sale of high-end luxe automobiles.

One wonders if the omni-pervading sense of end pushed people into splurging when life still abounds. Whatever be the case, car dealerships in Ahmedabad reported a spike in car sales onwards April 2021.

“The 2020-2021 fiscal saw 1,786 luxury cars sold while numbers picked up to 2,500 in the corresponding period in 2021-2022. Luxury cars priced between Rs 40 lakh and Rs 11 crores saw a 44% increase in sales,” stated Tanuj Pugalia, CMD, Gelopus Motors Pvt Ltd.

Since the high-end machines work on advanced features which use remote controls and sensor buttons, the trade lag with China hit the auto sector for a while in between. “Sensors and touch panels work on semi-conductor chips. When the boycott China pitch was on an international high, sales for luxury cars dropped all over the world. The automobiles were ready but their enhanced features had to wait for the chips,” shared a representative from the Mercedes dealership.  

Gujarat is an important market for luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Mini Cooper, Audi, Skoda and Ferrari. Being a traditional trading bastion, old money has seen a boom with investment in the booming realty market. “Gujarat’s Gen Z likes to live it up and that explains why most brands prefer to set up their flagship venture in the state,” added Tanuj Pugalia.

“With unlock way past us, we are anticipating the sales will reach a feverish pitch during the winter wedding season. Some couples have waited two years to ring in their nuptials. What better way to celebrate than to drive in a luxury car and drive out as a couple,” signs out Tanuj Pugalia

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