Gujarat: Negligence Of System In Delivering Accurate Corona Report In Rajkot

| Updated: January 24, 2022 7:00 pm

In Rajkot, as the cases continue to rise, the healthcare system is seen to be on an alert mode.

Testing Domes have been set up by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation across the city. However, an incident of irresponsibility has come across regarding these domes. Two different reports – one showing positive and the other showing negative of a businessman came in 30 minutes.

Reportedly, Bharatbhai Mathurbhai Rawal, a resident of Shilpan Onyx apartment at Raiya Road, Rajkot, went for a checkup regarding cold and cough. His results from the Corona testing booth set up by the government on Raiya Road at 11.20 am revealed positive. Suspecting the report, he later rushed to another dome to get tested again. There, the results reflected Negative within 30 minutes.

Shocked by the incident, Bharatbhai consulted the staff of the testing booth near Akashwani Chowk showing the previous positive report. There, he was told that the negative report given by them was correct.

Amid the rising cases, people are now fearing such scandals. The report, on the other hand, appears to have been heavily tampered with by the system.

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