Gujarat: Next Rajkot Police Commissioner Yet To Be Decided

| Updated: March 8, 2022 8:25 pm

Rajkot Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal has been accused by local MLAs and traders for taking commissions. He has taken money from several people, specially named Crime Branch PI Gadhvi, PSI Sumra and other constables. After many such allegations, the government decided to take an action when the local MLA lodged a written complaint.

After the commission scandal of Rajkot police commissioner, authorities have put him on transfer. The DGP Development Assistance has been assigned to investigate the scandal and file a report about the entire case, There are many arguments have been made that the report has not been made public and it seems that the government has made mind of dropping the case by transferring the associated officials.

This transfer has made post of Rajkot police commissioner vacant and now there are speculations that a strict officer will be appointed as Rajkot police commissioner to clean the image of the city. The question here is that who will take the command of the city and there are talks that authorities have no clue to whom they should appoint the new commissioner of the city. There are some names who are been considered as next Police commissioner of Rajkot city.

Here are the name of officers who can be appointed as next police commissioner:

Raju Bhargava

Raju Bhargava Hails from Rajasthan. He has studied BSc MA and MBA and is a 1995 bench IPS officer. He has long worked on deputation out of state. He has been a senior officer in the CRPF for almost seven years and despite of being uncompromising he is calm in nature and is sensitive. He is currently chaired as the DG of Gandhinagar and is serving the ADG Arm Unit. He has served as an SP for a long time in different districts of Gujarat like Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, Mehsana, Narmada, Godhra. He was DCP of Surat city and is known for his work.

Dr Shamsher Singh

Dr. Shamsher Singh hails from Haryana and has studied at IIT Delhi and has a PSD in Management. He is a 1989 bench IPS officer who has also served in various districts and agencies like ACB and CID Crime. His performance during his tenure with ACB was well praised, He is currently serving as Police Commissioner of Vadodara . He is likely to be posted as Rajkot commissioner from Vadodara. He holds the impression of being a strict officer but has never been associated with any controversy . He knows how to distance himself from the Politics and also holds the skill to keep them away from interfering in his work.Dr Rajkumar

Dr. Rajkumar is a native of Tamil Nadu. He has also done MSc and PHD, he is a 1996 bench IPS officer. He is currently serving as Surat Range IG since long time and there is a possibility that he can also be appointed as Rajkot Commissioner. He is in the government’s good book and is likely to be replaced as his term as Surat Range draws to a close.

Narsimha Komar

Narasimha Komar is originally from Karnataka. He has studied BE Electronic and is a 1996 bench IPS officer. He is currently serving in the law and order department of the state DGP’s office. He is also known as a non-disputed officer and is likely to be selected as new Rajkot Police Commissioner.

Anupam Sinh Gahlaut

Anupam Singh Gehlaut is a native of Uttar Pradesh. He has studied BE, MTech and is an 1997 bench IPS officer. He has also previously served as District, Range IG and was Rajkot Police Commissione, He completed his tenure in Rajkot in a peaceful and orderly manner by maintaining law and order. As an token of Appreciation for his good work government appointed him as Vadodara Police Commissioner

However, since he is undisputed and also in the government’s good books, he has been made the head of an important department like IB and is likely to be selected as new Rajkot Police Commissioner.

Brijesh Jha

Brijesh Jha hails from Bihar. He has studied BSc, MSc. and is a 1999 bench IPS officer. He is currently serving in the DGP’s office and he holds the impression of being a strict officer. He himself has never been associated into any controversy. He is also known for his stern action while successfully operating in many districts, including the posh area of Ahmedabad

Hashmukh Patel

Hasmukh Patel is a native of Banaskantha district in Gujarat. He has studied BE, Master Degree in Police Management and PhD. He is a 1993 bench IPS officer and is currently serving as the Director of Gujarat Police Housing Corporation. He has previously served in key positions including SMC.

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