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Gujarat To Implement Vehicle Rotation Policy

| Updated: January 10, 2022 22:02

Gujarat Minister of Road and Building, Mr Purnesh Modi today said that Gujarat will implement the vehicle number rotation policy. 

Announcing the new policy at a news conference in Gandhinagar today, Mr Modi said that the state government decided to implement this policy after receiving numerous representations by vehicle owners. He said that vehicle owners insist on getting a registration number of their choice for their vehicles based on different criteria.

Their reasons for opting for a specific number could be personal, religious, social or guided by numerology. He explained that the new policy will enable vehicle owners to retain their vehicle number in two cases. When a vehicle owner applies for transfer of a vehicle, the number of the vehicle will be rotated and the new vehicle purchased by the vehicle owner will be allotted the number that is returned. The vehicle whose ownership has been transferred will be allotted another new number. Another number will be assigned to the transferred vehicle.

In addition, the number of the old vehicle can be returned to the newly purchased vehicle by the vehicle owner at the time the vehicle is scrapped and another number will be allotted to the old scrapped vehicle. The vehicle owner will be able to return his vehicle number only on vehicles purchased by him.

Mr Modi who was handpicked as Cabinet Minister last autumn by the Bhupendra Patel government, said that vehicle owners are urged to retain old vehicle numbers because of the feeling attached to their numbers. 

He said that vehicle numbers cannot be retained by the old vehicle. Also, the vehicle number to be retained and the vehicle on which the number is to be retained must be owned by the same person. In addition, the vehicle number to be retained must be owned by the vehicle owner for at least one year. Numbers of previously scrapped vehicles cannot be returned. The process of allotting the returned number to the new vehicle purchased against the returned number must be completed within a fortnight. 

Retained numbers cannot be assigned to a new vehicle. The process of assigning a new vehicle number to the vehicle whose number is to be transferred is to be done immediately after the vehicle number is retained.

The charges are as follows. Rs 8,000 for golden number of two wheeler, Rs. 3,500 for silver number and Rs. 2,000 for other number and Rs. 40,000 for golden number for other vehicles, Rs.15,000 for silver number and Rs.8,000 for other number.

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