Gujarati Man From Anand Shot Dead In US

| Updated: June 17, 2022 3:29 pm

A Gujarati man, who had been living in the US for some time now, was shot dead in Newport, Rhode Island, on Wednesday night with the intent of robbery. Prayas Patel, 52, was a resident of Sojitra, Anand.

Two people were killed in the shooting that happened inside a gas station at the 1400 block of Kiln Creek Parkway. Prayas Patel of York County, and Logan Edward Thomas, 35, of Newport, were shot at and fell to the floor. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Newport Police Chief Steve Drew said a customer felt something was wrong and called 911 just before 11:46 pm. Authorities arrived at the scene and found two bodies in the store. An employee who came in for his regular shift on Thursday morning identified Patel as the owner of the store and Thomas as the employee. According to police officials, two people have been killed with the intent to rob the shop.

The store’s surveillance camera was working and helpful in the investigation, but police officials declined to say what was captured in the footage. Police were still investigating the footage. It may take some time for more information about the shooter to come to light.

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