Gujarat’s 108 Ambulance Service Attended To 1.35 Crore Emergencies

| Updated: June 24, 2022 4:04 pm

Gujarat’s 108 ambulance service, which will complete 15 years of service in August this year, has until May responded to 1.35 crore of emergencies in the state. Of these, 46 lakh were pregnancy-related emergencies, around 17 lakh were road accidents and 12 lakh people were provided with first-aid after accidents.

According to the statistics, medical staff conducted child-birth procedures for 76,565 women in ambulances itself. Another 42,545 birth procedures were successfully completed at the women’s houses when there was not enough time to reach the hospital.

The statistics were detailed in a statement from the Chief Minister’s office. The statement said that Gujarat was the first state to launch this service and has been largely successful in executing it. The GVK-EMRI 108 service has 802 operational ambulances in the state, which include two boat ambulances and one air ambulance.

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