Gujarat’s Former Police Chief Talks Of Securing Business By Preventive Forensics

| Updated: May 21, 2022 2:53 pm

A lecture on the theme ‘Secure business through preventive forensics and preventive vigilance’ was
held in Ahmedabad Management Association. The speaker was none other than Mr Keshav Kumar,
former Director-General of Police and Director, Anti- Corruption Bureau, Gujarat. The aim of the seminar was to promote the security of business in an era of competition, corruption, technology and fraud.

Mr Kumar, an IPS (Indian Police Service) officer who retired last year has rich experience and
knowledge regarding the methods of fraud detection and forensics.

Mr Kumar said that Gujarat’s good business environment prompted him to speak on the theme of
business safety. He is confident that tactics shared by him will prove extremely useful to the people
of the state. In his opening remarks, Mr Kumar said, “I have always had a lot of faith in forensics. I
have observed that almost everyone in Gujarat is a businessman. So, I thought of holding a seminar
on this theme in this state and what a lovely time to convey this lecture on the day of the International Human Resources Day.”

He began his lecture by talking about economic offences and explained ways of tackling common
offences as well as major types of fraud by employees. He also proposed solutions such as pre-
employment and post-employment check-ups.

The senior police officer also talked about the quantum of losses besides factors contributing to
fraud. Quoting research findings, he stated, “According to the survey, until 14 months, one might not know about frauds being detected in your company as that is the average time of detection of

He gave a detailed presentation on departments in a company that that are most vulnerable to
frauds and talked of issues such as concealing of frauds, changing physical and electronic documents
and preventive vigilance.

Mr Kumar also explained the behavior pattern of fraudsters. These include living beyond means,
financial difficulties, closeness to vendors and customers, reluctance to share duties and disturbed
personal life. He said that people who are above the age of 55 are more likely to commit fraud than
individuals in their early 20s.

While highlighting methods of detecting frauds used by higher authorities, he talked about the
usefulness of LVA ( layered voice analysis).”LVA is the best mode to dig out information, for we
(officials) don’t need to curse or beat the suspects.’’

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