GU’s Master of Science Reshuffling Round Canceled

| Updated: August 4, 2022 12:47 pm

Gujarat University had to cancel admissions of 250 students for Master of Science courses because of the confusion that persisted about the availability of seats at colleges. Gujarat University completed its first round of admissions to MSc courses. 5,400 students had registered for only 2,400 seats.
After asking the preferences of 1,000 students, they were given admissions. After doing that, Gujarat University began reshuffling round for those who wanted to change their subjects. Around 250 students had applied for the reshuffling round. In the reshuffling round, around 250 students had applied.
Of the 250, many had applied for the higher payment mode, where students who pay more get more admission to their preferred colleges.
Students who had paid more, would have gotten colleges of their choice.

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