Gujarat: Working Congress President Hardik Patel Invites Naresh Patel To Join Congress

| Updated: March 8, 2022 3:18 pm

Before the Gujarat Assembly elections, Patidar leaders seem to be active against the government once again.

The AAP leaders have demanded the withdrawal of all cases filed against the Patidars during the Patidor agitation. With this, Congress acting president Hardik Patel today extended an open invitation to Naresh Patel to join the Congress.

Reportedly, the leaders of AAP have demanded to withdraw all the cases which have been filed against the Patidar youth during the Patidar reservation movement. However, Khodaldham president Naresh Patel is mediating between the Patidar leader and the government to withdraw the case during the agitation. Naresh Patel’s explosive statements are also blowing up day by day. He made a statement that he would join politics if the society wanted him to.

With this, writing an open letter as a Gujarat Congress worker, Hardik Patel has appealed to Khodaldham chairman Naresh Patel to join the Congress. Hardik Patel said that only one party has been ruling for the last 30 years. It is especially the turn of Patidar youth who are involved in agriculture as well as Patidar traders.

Hardik Patel’s letter to Naresh Patel

Gujarat has been ruled by a single party for the last 30 years and our pride is due to the dictatorial activities of this party.

The biggest victims of government dictatorship are thousands of young people in our Patidar community, thousands of families in the Patidar community face many problems in agriculture and business. You know very well how the demands of our farmers have not been met and how our traders are being harassed at all levels by the leaders of the ruling party.

In this unjust environment, I urge you to come forward and engage in active political life. This step of yours will give new hope to the youth like me who have been fighting against injustice since 2015. Even today thousands of Patidar youth movement is suffering from false cases of time, Patidar society needs experienced leadership.

I am writing to you not only as a young member of a large and strong Patidar community but also as a Gujarat Congress worker. I urge you to forget any external factors and start fighting for the interest and survival of the state by trusting the Patidar youth.

It may be mentioned that the statement of Khodaldham president Naresh Patel has come against Hardik Patel’s letter. “I have not received any letter yet,” Patel said. Such an invitation comes to me from every party. I will make the right decision at the right time. The case against the Patidars is under discussion. Talks are on with the Chief Minister about the case.

Naresh Patel further said that he would discuss the open letter with Hardik Patel. “I will not take any political decision from Khodaldham platform. Any political decision will be my personal decision. The people of an independent country can speak whatever they want.”

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