Hillary Clinton To Meet Salt Pan Workers On Day-2 Of Guj Visit

| Updated: February 6, 2023 10:32 am

On the second day of her visit to Gujarat, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet with salt pan workers in the Surendranagar district on Monday.

She will also highlight a “Climate Resilience Fund” during the programme, according to a statement from the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA). In the Kuda desert of the Surendranagar district, Clinton will pay a visit to a woman farmer’s hut and salt pan. It said that other farmers will also walk her through the salt farming process and share their experiences with her.

She will also visit a community learning centre and take part in a roundtable discussion with SEWA leaders about the organization’s future 50 years, according to the release. Clinton honoured SEWA’s founder, renowned social activist Ela Bhatt, at a ceremony on Sunday in Ahmedabad to celebrate the union’s 50th anniversary.

She stated during the occasion that the heat brought on by climate change is a new challenge for women working in the informal economy and that a global climate resilience fund will help to address this issue.

Clinton said, “a group of concerned individuals have joined together to launch the first-ever global Climate Resilience Fund.”

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