Life is a question. Paris is an answer

| Updated: June 29, 2021 12:56 am

Aarushi Trivedi

I wake up from my comfy bed. I look outside and a ray of warm sunlight peeks through the window. Wow! A lovely cup of coffee in this marvellous weather is something I need. So, why wait? I click a button beside my bed and my robot “A.T.” brings me a hot cup of coffee.

Oh! I just remembered that it is my aunt’s birthday so I tell A.T. to send her a message and an exquisite bracelet and it should reach her by this afternoon. I order a doughnut through my wristband. As I step downstairs, I hop in my glass box, dictate the location I wish to go and reach there in about two seconds. I am now at my office. I had recruited an employee named Camille at my agency and had to explain everything to her but I ended up doing the work. So I told A.T. to talk to Camille.

“Hi”, A.T. said to the newbie. “Let me tell you all about our secret agency. Our agency is called FIAC (France is Against Crime). This agency only has tweens and teens because they have access to most places that elders don’t have. You will all be given missions in a way that no one can recognize. You will also be given new gadgets at each mission. You will also be trained for every situation and martial arts will be taught to you. You always have to stay undercover. This agency and its missions are a top secret. Got it, Camille?” “Yeah,” said Camille.

After finishing up a little, I go for lunch at 2:30 pm to Gabriel’s. I go back to work and clear everything by 6 pm. I get A.T. to go to Gabriel’s and pack a macaroon and go to the mall for the mall crawl as it was Saturday. I bring a croissant from the store and I walk through the streets and stand before the beautifully lit Eiffel Tower that glimmered in the dark. At 10 pm, I am back home and having dinner. Then I tuck myself to bed but before I sleep, I think that Paris is called the city of love and lights. To me, the most beautiful place to live can only be Paris. Life is a question and Paris is the answer!

Aarushi Trivedi is a class 5th student of Anand Niketan School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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