I work 14 hours a day to compensate for my privilege

| Updated: July 4, 2021 11:55 am

Skoda is an SUV brand known for its design, aesthetics and high-performance engine. Today Ahmedabad based Stellar Skoda launched the company’s latest offering, the Skoda Kushaq. Speaking to Vibes of India (VoI), Abhimanyu said Stellar Skoda had the credit of doing 9 percent of all India sales for the Company through their seven outlets spread including Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Mehsana.

CEO of the company, Abhimanyu Tripathi spoke on the side-lines of the watch with VoI. Excerpts

  • This is my family business. “As a fresher out of Imperial College London, I had no idea how the automobile industry worked or how dealership operated. I was, and still am, a guy who gets fascinated by cars.
  • Yes, because I have had a cakewalk so far, I consider myself privileged.  “I had zero struggles in being a businessman. I acknowledge my privilege and I work 14 hours a day to compensate for it. I know I had it easy, most people spend their lives aspiring for this. I respect my privilege and work the hardest”.
  • I studied management through books, but the execution is a whole different game. I believe in empowering my people. From a chai wala, driver, poem to our vice-president; I share a rapport with everyone in my organization. Our staff strength is over 300 people and I know each one of them by their names”.
  • Before getting into the auto sector I volunteered for the conservation and animal welfare work at Nature and Wildlife Foundation, Sasan Gir. 
  • I also run a company, Civic Solutions-a web and mobile app service to bridge a gap between concerns of the citizens and state government. 

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