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Illegal Gujarat Immigrants To US Amidst Existential Crisis 

| Updated: April 4, 2024 17:45

Intelligence sources say approximately 1,200 Gujaratis, among 4,000 Indians seeking entry into the US via unconventional routes, find themselves in a predicament due to heightened US security measures linked to the election. The attention of both the Homeland Security Investigations agency in the US and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is sharply focused on maintaining border integrity, leading to an intensified patrol regimen across the US-Mexico and US-Canada borders. 

 A source within Gujarat police said these individuals, predominantly from northern Gujarat, initially travelled on visas allowing entry, or visitor visas. Their plan to subsequently seek asylum in the US has been thwarted, resulting in their being “parked” by human traffickers in various European countries and even in Dubai. With the enforcement agencies adopting a no-tolerance policy towards illegal immigration, these individuals are caught in a dire situation. 

“Given the stringent actions by Homeland Security and the RCMP against illegal immigrants, smugglers stand to lose considerable sums if their human cargo is deported back to India. Consequently, they have sought refuge for these individuals in locations such as Dubai, El Salvador, and Venezuela, where accommodation is both affordable and discreet,” the source explained. 

The operation of seeking asylum has been cryptically termed “Kadu” among Gujarati human smugglers. “The term ‘Kadu Aavi Gayu’ is frequently used among smugglers, indicating the initiation of the asylum process for an immigrant,” revealed police sources. 

In related developments, the CID crime unit, investigating a chartered flight from Dubai to Nicaragua, and stopped at France’s Vatry airport, has sought assistance from Dubai authorities via the CBI. The flight in question was found to be carrying over 300 illegal immigrants, including 66 Gujaratis. Following an investigation, charges have been brought against 14 individuals, with eight arrests made to date as authorities continue their search for the remaining suspects. 

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