I’m Not A Conman; Was In Relationship With Jacqueline Fernandez: Sukesh Chandrashekhar

| Updated: December 31, 2021 9:21 pm

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, the alleged mastermind of the ₹200 crore money laundering scam accepts a relationship with actress Jacqueline Fernandez. He added that a lot is being said and dictated about him but it is wrong to say that he is a “conman” or “Thug” as he has not been convicted yet. 

Sukesh is married to actor Leena Maria Paul and they both have been conning people for several years and have been arrested in the past too. 

ED is investigating the ₹200 crore extortion case and during the course of the probe, several sensational details have been revealed by the central agency. Apart from Sukesh’s closeness to Jacqueline Fernandez, Nora Fatehi and several other Bollywood actors whom Sukesh used to send expensive gifts, it has been revealed that Sukesh used a spoofing app to call his targets impersonating government officials.

 Jacqueline Fernandez has already been questioned in connection with the case. According to reports, the actor said she too was conned by Sukesh as Sukesh claimed to be the owner of Sun Tv and approached her with a film offer. 

Expensive gifts to Jacqueline 

Jacqueline received gifts including three designer bags from Gucci, Chanel, two Gucci outfits for gym wear, a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes, two pairs of diamond earrings and a bracelet of multi-coloured stones and two Hermes bracelets. She also received a Mini Cooper, which she returned. She also stated that the accused had paid for her private jet expenses and hotel stay for several tours. Sukesh claimed that he gave Jacqueline jewellery worth Rs 7 crore.

Sukesh also offered a loan of Rs 1.13 crore to Jacqueline’s sister, who lives in the US and also gave her a BMW X5 car. The conman also gifted Jacqueline’s parents a Maserati and her mother in Bahrain a Porsche. 

Charges on Sukesh

He started duping people at a young age, has conned film stars, businessmen, and even politicians showing off his alleged influence in the higher echelons of power. To top it all, some of his high profile operations were conducted while he was serving a term in Tihar Jail, one of India’s top security prisons.

First Major Scam

Sukesh’s first major scam was the AIADMK bribery case in which he took money from the TTV Dinakaran faction promising that he would bribe Election Commission officials to give the two leaves symbol of the party to this faction.

‘Good relations with politicians’

Sukesh said he worked as a corporate lobbyist with multiple corporate houses in India and abroad. As a lobbyist, he served as a bridge between corporate houses and the government of different states. He claimed to have good relationships with several political parties and various business families.

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