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Importance Of Nutrition In Human Life

| Updated: June 28, 2022 12:38

A healthy diet and a regulated lifestyle are the key to keeping away from obesity, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and certain cancers. However, the “freshness” quotient of the food must not be discounted for. Some reports even suggest a link between ultra-processed foods, food consumed after its expiry date and chronic illnesses, including a range of other serious diseases.

If you are one of those who look for price being proportional to nutrient goodness, begin with discarding the notion. Eating dragon fruit, muesli, broccoli and avocado are not the only healthy options. Neither are the exotic vegetables and fruits grown in distant climes. Remember, preservatives are used to get them to your local store.

If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food

Errick McAdams

Instead, look for the home-grown, fresh and preferably organic options. Opt for the good old banana, milk, beans, egg, carrots, cucumber and apple. Cut down on frieds, junk food, smoking and sugary intake by way of colas and packaged juices.

Reduce your salt intake because salt leads to volatility with blood pressure. Known as the “silent killer,” blood pressure is a crucial damage cause of internal organs.

In a quick chat, Vibes of India asks familiar faces about their dietary habits:

Kartika Bhardwaj

Kartika Bhardwaj, Consultant Nutritionist: We need to change “dieting” to “healthy eating.” Dieting enforces a routine on us and no one likes routine. However, healthy eating is consuming food that is mind and body-friendly. Thus, be a conscious eater. Always remember whatever you eat, will fuel your body. Few pointers:

  • Eat fresh no stored food.
  • Eat when hungry.
  • Portion control is very important.
  • Always have a balanced diet which have adequate amount of carbs proteins fats and fibre.
  • Balanced diet is key for healthy living. 
Manaksh Priyadarshi

Manaksh Priyadarshi, Nutritionist and Fitness Consultant: Change the lifestyle you are part of. Be it your family or friends. When it is a collective effort, it is easier. Play with your meals, show creativity, variations in your everyday meals so you don’t get bored with eating the same thing. Choose your cooking medium wisely. Above all, listen to your body:

Few tips:

  • Begin each meal with water
  • Eat the protein first
  • Eat the vegetables next
  • Finish with the carbs
  • Have a cup of coffee, after the meal

Sakshee Singh in Conversation with Manaksh Priyadarshi on Importance of nutritional food in human life, Check it out…

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