In Gujarat Campaigning Spree, Modi Corners Congress On Reservation, Fake Videos; Upholds 'Modi Ki Guarantee' - Vibes Of India

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In Gujarat Campaigning Spree, Modi Corners Congress On Reservation, Fake Videos; Upholds ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’

| Updated: May 1, 2024 22:49

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday targeted the Congress and INDIA bloc for making false statements that reservation will be scrapped if NDA wins 400 seats saying it’s completely a fabricated lie adding, this time they will be limited to fewer seats than last time. Cornering the ‘Grand Old Party’, PM Modi said the intention of the Congress party was to loot reservations and give them to Muslims.

Addressing a poll rally in Banaskantha’s Deesa, PM Modi said, “In 2024, the Congress and INDIA bloc has come up with a lie… Their eco-system is pushing that lie. They are saying that the reservation would be withdrawn. It is a completely fabricated lie… This time they will be limited to fewer seats than last time…”

“INDIA bloc is doing just anything out of nervousness. They opened a ‘Mohabbat ki Dukan’ and now they have opened a market of fake videos in it… They are spreading lies through fake videos. They don’t have any truth to speak even after staying in power for 60 years… Their ‘Mohabbat ki Dukan’ is a fake factory… Congress’ video, slogans, promises, and intentions are all fake… The fake videos may mislead people for some time but you will be punished for it… We already had the power of 400 in Parliament in the last 5 years. But we did not commit the sin of withdrawing reservation…,” the Prime Minister said.

“The reservation for the SC, ST, OBC and economically backward of the general category will never be looted… Your (Congress) intention is to loot the reservation and give it to Muslims. I challenge the Shehzada of Congress to declare that they will never misuse the reservation based on religion… They will not declare this because there is something suspicious. The BJP will protect the reservation given to the SC, ST, OBC and economically backward of the general category… They want to snatch away the reservation for their vote bank… They should give a written declaration that they will not give reservation on a religious basis,” PM Modi said.

Taking a dig at Congress, PM Modi further said, “If you want to form a government, then at least 272 seats are required. Except for the BJP, no political party in the country is contesting 272 seats, and then they are saying they will form the government. Even the royal family of Delhi is not going to vote for Congress… There is no Congress candidate where they vote… Ahmed Patel’s family in Bharuch will not vote for Congress… A big Congress leader who votes in Bhavnagar, will not be able to vote for Congress. This is the condition of the Congress…”

Further speaking at the poll rally, Modi said, “Today is Gujarat Day. And this day is a day of new resolution and energy. Let’s take a resolution today that to make a Viksit Bharat, we will not hold anything back in making a Viksit Gujarat…”

“All of you sent me to Delhi in 2014 to serve the nation. Before 2014, there was news of terrorism, scams, and corruption, all policies were pending. The country was hopeless. The youth was worried about their future… But I worked hard… I made attempts to get the country out of that situation… Due to Maa Amba’s blessings, I have been able to fulfil those expectations…,” he told people.

“In the 2024 elections, I have come with the experience of 20-25 years… I have come with a guarantee based on the capabilities of the country… My guarantee is that in the third term, we will make India the third-largest economy in the world. This will not just benefit the current generation, but also the future generations…,” the Prime Minister further mentioned.

“I want to reduce your electricity and petrol bills to zero. We are not saying this out of thin air, we have a plan for this. We will give money under PM Suryajal, so that you will be able to generate electricity with the help of solar energy. The government will buy electricity and you will also earn from it. This is the era of electric vehicles. With electricity in your house, your car will be charged and not a single rupee will be spent,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that he saluted the people of Gujarat that they never made an unstable government here.

“You never fell for any short-term allurements… In many states, political instability did not let the industries develop or work with a broader vision… Once you removed the Congress from Gujarat, you did not let them step in again. The Congress does not have issues, vision or passion to work. In 2014, the Congress mocked me that I was a ‘Chaiwala’, Gujju. They said I only understood Gujarat, not the country… They used to bring tea kettles in their rallies to mock me. But the country replied in such a way that those who once had 400 seats are now at 40 seats…”

Later in the day, addressing a public rally in Sabarkantha’s Himatnagar, Modi said, “The Congress used to scare people that if the Ram Mandir is constructed, then there would be chaos in the country… There was no chaos in the country but there is chaos in the heart of the Congress… They indulged in the politics of vote bank that they have lost balance. They said if Article 370 is abrogated, then the country will break and there would be rivers of blood… But this is Modi… Now Article 370 is abrogated and the Tricolour is hoisted at (Srinagar’s) Lal Chowk with full glory…”

“When the terrorists were attacking India, the weak government at that time used to send dossiers… Today’s new India does not send dossiers, it gives dose to terrorists… Our Muslim sisters were the biggest victims of vote bank politics… You (Congress) did not provide security to the Muslim sisters even after Supreme Court’s verdict… The abolition of Triple Talaq provided security to families, not just the women… They (Congress) did not stop the practice of Triple Talaq for the vote bank… I did not worry about vote bank. I don’t work for winning the elections. I wanted to make the lives of Muslim women easier and we made Triple Talaq illegal… The Shehzada of Congress gets a fever when I do all of this… He is saying that if Modi becomes PM for the third time, there would be fire in the country. The fact is, the dreams of the Congress have burnt and turned to ashes…,” he added.

“From Sabarkantha, a primary teacher is contesting the elections. BJP respects everyone from all sections of the society… That is why Shobhnaben Baraiya is contesting from Sabarkantha. Haribhai Patel is contesting from Mehsana…,”​ the Prime Minister added.

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