India Rising: President Murmu In Her Maiden Adress To The Nation

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India Rising: President Murmu In Her Maiden Adress To The Nation

| Updated: August 15, 2022 10:16

President of India Droupadi Murmu, while speaking to the nation during her maiden customary address as the President on the eve of independence day said that the world has seen a new India rising in recent years.

Here are the top quotes:

  • 1) The day of 14th August is being celebrated as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. The purpose of celebrating this day is to promote social harmony, human empowerment and unity.
  • 2) On 15 August 1947, we cut the shackles of colonial rule and decided to reshape our destiny. While celebrating the anniversary of that auspicious day, we salute all the freedom fighters. They sacrificed everything so that we can all breathe in a free India.
  • 3) We Indians proved sceptics wrong. Democracy not only grew roots in this soil but it was also enriched too. India can be credited with having helped the world discover the true potential of democracy.
  • 4) In most other well-established democracies, women had to wage long-drawn struggles to get the right to vote. But India adopted a universal adult franchise right from the beginning of the Republic. India can be credited to have helped the world discover the true potential of democracy.
  • 5) The Indian tricolours are fluttering in every nook and corner of the country. Great martyrs would have been thrilled to see the spirit of the Independence Movement coming alive again on such a massive scale.
  • 6) Many great freedom fighters did their duty and passed on the torch of awakening leaving little trace of their heroic deeds. Forgotten for long were many heroes and their struggles, especially among the peasant and tribal populations. The government’s decision last year to observe 15th November as ‘Janajatiya Gaurav Divas’ is welcome because our tribal heroes are not merely local or regional icons but they inspire the entire nation.
  • 7) By the year 2047, we will have fully realised the dreams of our freedom fighters.
  • 8) The keyword for India today is compassion; for the downtrodden, for the needy and for those on the margins.
  • 9) India’s newfound confidence stems from the spirit of its youth, its farmers, and above all, its women. Gender inequalities are reducing and women are moving ahead, breaking many glass ceilings.
  • 10) The world has seen a new India rising in recent years, more so after the outbreak of Covid. Economic success is leading to an ease of living too. Economic reforms are rightly accompanied by innovative welfare initiatives.

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