Indo-Tibet Friendship Union in Gujarat Root For ‘Free Tibet’, oppose 2022 Olympics

| Updated: December 31, 2021 2:40 pm

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The Indo-Tibet Friendship Union at Riverfront on Sunday discussed important issues that include the liberation of Tibet from China and the holding of the upcoming Olympics in China.

State Coordinator Dr Amit Jyotikar said that the Indo-Tibetan Friendship Union has been working with the principle of independence of Tibet and security of India since 1956. The Chinese empire has swallowed up countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet. Since the enslavement of Tibet in 1949, the cost of India’s defence has skyrocketed as the Chinese border approaches India. If Tibet becomes independent then these expenses of India will be used for infrastructure as well as on the development in India.

In a metaphorical sense, Tibet is the roof of the world. On this roof, China has placed missiles not towards Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi but the Indian metropolis. Forests are being destroyed. The flow of rivers towards India also leads to catastrophic floods. Every Indian has to pay $500 for the Kailasaman Sarovar, a symbol of the faith of millions of Hindus since it has come under Chinese control. Thus, the India-Tibet-Friendship Union has been running the Kailasman Sarovar Mukti Andolan for years.

In connection with these issues as well as the public awareness campaign, 15 bikers have been taken to roam around India (Bharat Braman) by the Tibetan Youth Congress. Shering, president of the Youth Congress, said that their main objective is to boycott the 2022 Olympics in China, release the fifth Lama from prison and trials for killing 167 Tibetan freedom fighters by China.

Tibet was a separate nation and they are roaming all over India with the determination to stay. Shering further said that 8 nations of the world including the USA, Britain, Canada, Japan, Scotland have politically opposed the 2022 Olympics to be held in China. In the time to come more nations will join it and Tibet has given India the status of Guru for years, so even in such a difficult time, the citizens of Tibet are hoping that India will also politically oppose the 2022 Olympics to be held in China.

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