Intra-City Helicopter Service Soon In Bengaluru

| Updated: January 16, 2023 3:32 pm

Have you ever been through Bengaluru and seen the famed city traffic? You have undoubtedly missed anything that is significant and frequent. The city will soon have an intra-city helicopter service.

This entails an easier and shorter commute from Bangalore International Airport to Hosur in the southeast of the city, as well as an easier and quicker trip from north to south.

This intra-city helicopter service, a BLADE India initiative, would simplify life for many travellers travelling to and from Bangalore International Airport, particularly those coming from the IT hub of Hosur.

One can get a morning flight from the airport to their destination in the south of the city, or an evening flight if they are using the service from Hosur. Given that it can take up to three hours to go from the South to the North or vice versa, this is a significant issue. The travel will take less than 20 minutes with this heli service!

This is a fantastic alternative for someone on a brief business trip because they can now use the time they would have spent on the commute to do something useful instead.

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